Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between therapy and a movement assessment

During a therapy treatment, we assess your body with the sole purpose to reduce or facilitate healing in your body. Our number one goal is about identifying pain and taking actionable strategies to reduce and eliminate your pain.

During an assessment, we identify specific movement patterns that may be contributing to your poor posture and pain during your movement. Our goal is to give you strategies to become aware of how to move better and ways to strengthen your body, so that you can live an active and healthy lifestyle!

Why do you teach Small Groups?

The programs I teach are based on my extensive study in self-care and knowledge working with clients in my pain management practice. I have observed the correlation between stress, overwhelm, depression and pain and how it also relates to those who overtrain in exercise. I have developed a program that is designed to give you the tools necessary for setting you up to achieve a full body approach to training. 

What is this the goal of your programs? 

Our therapy and small group training is designed specifically to help you achieve a lifestyle in health and wellness. 

I have been working with groups and individuals since 2005. The primary focus of our program is to help you learn and implement the strategies easily into a daily practice.

We believe only those who are fully engaged and committed will get the results of moving better, losing weight and working towards the things that are most important to you. 

What is the difference between Physical Therapy?

We are not licensed to diagnosis your pain.  Our goal is to assess your body and decide if the pain you are experiencing is based on alignment and posture or if further care is needed.

Any time there is a trauma to the tissue, i.e falling, blunt force etc. it is advisable to contact your physician before seeing us. 

We specialize in soft tissue therapy and have specialized in auto accident, work related and other types of injury related treatment work. 

We work comfortably with specific movement limitations and injuries that involve the inability to perform specific movement patterns and for those who have had joint replacements, fusions and other injury related surgeries.

Should I check with a physician before starting our programs?

We believe it's always a great idea to get a clearance from YOUR health care professional about your current health and if exercise and movement is suitable for your current state of health.

We believe everyone benefits from a movement based health regiment, but we also know having a team of people to ensure YOUR health is always the best option!

I've never worked out, been to physical therapy or personal training, is this program safe for me?

Our system is designed to keep you safe and teach you how to move without pain. If there is a pain in movement, the chance of future injury is MORE likely.

Our program is perfect for many levels of fitness, barring any major current movement limitations. We will make sure to thoroughly assess you upon starting our program. This program is designed individually and the pace and information are delivered based on your involvement in the process!

What is the goal of the curriculum?

Our programs are designed to teach you the tools and resources we use to help individuals and groups live a healthy lifestyle. 

All of our content is designed to help you reach your goals of reducing stress and pain, increasing mobility and learning self-care and foundational strength training principles.