Kevin has passionately invested his time searching for the methods to help people take control of their lives through movement. Want to work with me?

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Reduce pain then improve movement!

“Pain and stress management through movement”

Movement and Injury Screening Intake

This assessment is designed as a screen to asses for pain that is caused by postural imbalances, improper movement and to identify the risk for future injuries during movement.

Movement and Massage Therapy Sessions

My goal is to help people move better. The therapy and movement principles we use are for the sole purpose to help you heal or move better in everyday life. We offer a variety of modalities but the focus is to help you heal from injury, pain and to teach you through movement, how to achieve a pain-free body!

Foundations of Health and Wellness Small Group Training

Learn the importance of movement and the connection between pain and performance. These programs are designed to give you insight from a pain management perspective and the importance of having a standard level of movement.

These classes are designed to help you achieve your movement goals, quickly. Whether you are recovering from an injury, returning to movement or looking to improve your overall movement and fitness, our goal is to help you avoid injuries. This program is designed to help you gain the strategies and implement proven techniques to help you avoid injuries and move better.

All training modules are 8 hours in length, meeting 2 times per week over a 4 week period. No long term commitments required. It is my goal to offer you the tools and techniques to give you the fastest results possible.