New Classes Starting in February

I am very eager about starting my new classes again! Here are the descriptions of our newest classes in the community!

*******************Free Classes for February**************
Blue Mountain Yoga
Tuesdays 830am Tai Chi Chuan
Thursdays 830am Exploration and Assessment of Movement

Tai Chi Chuan

Kevin has been exploring and practicing Tai Chi and Chi Gong since 2003. His approach is based on Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. He has studied with Michael Gilman, who had studied with Master Choy Kam-man. Kevin is interested in the martial application and movement patterns of each form and his teaching approach is based on principles of posture, root and breathing to explore their relationship within the body. The class will include discussion and application of movement and breath and the understanding of the principles of Chi in the body. It is open to any fitness level but the ability to be standing, bending and balancing multiple times are required. All participants will be led in a safe, fun and comfortable environment.

Exploration and Assessment of Movement

With Libby Scofield as co-instructor, this class is designed to examine pain patterns in movement. We will explore lying, standing, sitting, crawling, kneeling, and a wide variety of other movement patterns to look for possible pain and/or to discuss potential injuries within the movements. This class will be part hands-on and part lecture, designed to help you understand how to apply the methods to your own exercise practice. The class format is designed to support the work and interest in the neurodevelopmental sequence of human development and strength and conditioning principles. The focus of our discussion is pain and learning the different signs, symptoms and assessments we can perform to see and overcome our current limitations.  The class structure is based on fundamental movement principles: alignment and posture of the neck, shoulder, thoracic spine and core principles, relating to breathing and postural restrictions. In addition, we will be offering half- day and full- day seminars for smaller groups!