Movement and Manual Therapy

Movement and Pain Management Intake

This assessment is designed to assess your movement from a pain management and performance perspective. We utilize many different movement modalities and testing strategies to determine your current level of movement. This intake is required to schedule regular massage therapy treatments and for those interested in our Foundations of Assessment and Strength in Movement Series.

Manual Therapy and Pain Management

My goal is to help you learn ways to take control of your movement. I want to teach you pain and stress management principles and how they are related to YOUR posture, movement and current level of strength. I use a variety of different techniques from manual muscle testing, functional movement testing, myo-fascial release, deep tissue massage, and active isolated stretching.

Foundations of Assessment and Strength in Movement Series

Learn the importance of movement and the connection between pain and performance. These programs are designed to give you insight from a pain management perspective and the importance of having a standard level of movement quality.

This is a curriculum-based program for those interested in moving better and gaining strength, quickly. I created a program so that I could continue individual care in a group setting. This is more cost effective and gives people the opportunity to work with me in a group. My goal is to help people transition from pain and stress to practicing a self-care program.

Our Curriculum

  1. Assessments in Movement

  2. Breath and Core in Movement

  3. Mobility, Alignment, Self Care

  4. Movement Patterns in Training

  5. Foundations of Strength in Movement

Each of the areas outlined are set up to accomplish an outcome. The goal is to help you heal from injury and to avoid future injuries.

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