How Can I help You?

Are you ready to move better, with less pain and better performance in movement? If you have questions, or need additional information about our programs, please contact me!

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FREE Movement and Injury Prevention Screening

Movement Screening is one of the most important things you can do before starting a movement or exercise program. This appointment will help us assess how you move so you can avoid injuries during your choice of movement and exercise!

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Massage Therapy and Movement Training

I specialize in manual therapy massage so you can move better and heal from pain. The movement programs are individualized to help give you the tools you need so you can take control of your health and wellness.

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Foundations of Health in Movement Classes

( All classes provide in depth, video and other content to support your learning )

Foundations of Health in Movement is a program designed to give you the tools to gain better mobility, strength and overall awareness of how you move so you can avoid injuries, and live an active and healthy lifestyle.